Correction and removal is an essential skill for any cosmetic tattoo artist, allowing you to offer clients more options with their existing microblading or permanent makeup.  Rachael is fully trained and certified in removing, lightening and lifting old and unwanted permanent makeup.  BotchedInk is an alternative to laser and has many benefits.  This unique saline solution preserves skin integrity and won’t cause scar tissue unlike laser methods of removal.  Rachael is able to provide Emergency Removals within 48 hours of tattooing should you require it.  This has been a welcome addition to the services offered at Enhance.  


If you have ever had a microblading disaster or need to fix your eyebrow tattoo, I’m sure the thought of having them reworked has crossed your mind. For decades, saline tattoo removal has been the most popular options amongst makeup tattooists for safely & effectively lightening cosmetic tattoos and removing ink.

The unique saline solution removal technique is perfect for clients who want their brows reworked with pigment in the future. Ingredients vary between brands and a saline solution like Botched Ink, has added ingredients to prevent scarring, even when the saline removal is repeated multiple times.  BotchedInk will lift, lighten and remove unwanted pigment.  


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BOTCHED Ink & me !

Botched Ink saline tattoo removal and me…..

Since qualifying I have seen brows that have been over saturated with pigment and some that have gone an undesirable colour.  I did refer a few clients for laser but not all had the desired result.   The black brows lifted best but sometimes they’d get skin stain (pink/red). Laser can’t lift this.  So I began researching colour correction mainly because due to the growth in popularity of PMU I have seen more and more pigment breakdown to undesirable tones. The need for correction was obvious! Red brows are often easier to cover but the ash grey/steel blue hued ones are trickier. So, I found Botched Ink, this is a non laser saline tattoo removal method.
It won’t scar the skin or damage hair growth.  So I decided to train with Botched Ink so that I can offer removal/lightening/and colour correction to my clients.  I’m one of only a few trained  in Northern Ireland.   I’m on the Botched Ink register of trained technicians and I’m happy to help if your brows have gone an undesirable shade.
Botched Ink is great because it will lift all (yes you heard me) all unwanted pigments.  A series of treatments will prove effective in almost all unwanted PMU to include black/grey/Lilac/pink brows.
Removal was always something that appealed to me and a natural progression of my training and continued professional development.  I want to implant pigment yes but ultimately be able to remove it also. For me this is essential if I am to be the permanent makeup technician of choice.  I want my clients to know that I’m their go to artist and who better to implant pigment than a technician that can lighten and  remove it also!
Removal or lightening using Botched Ink allows for the removal of some if not all of the old unwanted pigment to make room for new lovely pigment.  This means treating pink brows and sending them back to a lovely brown shade, what’s not to like?
Botched Ink removal may involve multiple sessions typically 8 weeks apart.  This is to allow the skin to heal and bring the old unwanted pigment to the surface.  Effective removal is so important for long term results.  Colour correction is not always the best option a simple lightening may be a much preferred option. Whilst I’ve done many colour corrections they are only effective if the old PMU is well faded and pale enough to effectively cover.  Another issue with colour correcting or implanting new pigment over old is that you need to entirely cover the old shape and undesirable colour effectively making the brows thicker/longer. Depending on the shape you have this isn’t always an option.
Rest assured I won’t just cover and over saturate your brows I can actually remove the old pigment and give you brows that dreams were made of!
Let’s hope you never need to remove a tattoo but in the event that you do I also offer Emergency removal that is removal of a tattoo within 48 hours of it being undertaken. It’s easiest to remove a tattoo before the pigment has fully encapsulated.

Rachael x